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45 cm quick parabolic softbox45 cm quick parabolic softbox
Rollei Licht Quick-Ball-Softbox mit LichtkontrollvorhangRollei Licht Quick-Ball-Softbox mit Lichtkontrollvorhang
RolleiBalloon softbox with light control curtain
price offeraway79,00 € Regular price129,99 €
Rollei Licht Klick-Octabox - Softbox mit GridRollei Licht Klick-Octabox - Softbox mit Grid
RolleiClick Octabox - Softbox with grid
price offeraway89,00 € Regular price99,99 €
RolleiClick deep softbox with grid
price offeraway119,99 €
Click beauty dish with gridClick beauty dish with grid
RolleiClick beauty dish with grid
price offeraway79,00 € Regular price109,99 €
RolleiVIBE 900 soft box
price offer49,99 €
Rollei Licht Klick-Softbox mit GridRollei Licht Klick-Softbox mit Grid
RolleiClick softbox with grid
price offeraway69,00 € Regular price119,99 €
Rollei Licht Klick-Striplight - Softbox mit GridRollei Licht Klick-Striplight - Softbox mit Grid
RolleiKlick-Striplight - Softbox with grid
price offeraway79,00 € Regular price99,99 €
Available Soon
Quick Ball soft box 56 cmQuick Ball soft box 56 cm
RolleiQuick Ball soft box 56 cm
price offer28,00 € Regular price69,99 €
Available Soon
Rollei Licht Balloon Softbox 65 mmRollei Licht Balloon Softbox 65 mm
RolleiBalloon softbox 65 cm
price offer38,00 € Regular price99,99 €


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Softbox for soft light in spite of flash or sunlight

Softboxes are used when it comes to even and soft or warm lighting of an image or background. They reduce hard shadows, avoid unwanted light scattering and create a soft light.

The interplay of an internal and external diffuser thus creates soft and diffuse illumination. The matt black exterior of a softbox avoids unwanted reflections by absorbing flash and daylight.

For soft, flattering light for portraits, fashion or glamour shots, you can mount Rollei's various professional softboxes on your studio flash and a variety of other compatible light sources using the widely used and extremely stable Bowens connector.

While softboxes have long been indispensable when taking photographs in a photo studio, the optimal lighting for outdoor shoots using flash units is often inadequate or complicated.

To match our studio flashes, we at Rollei have developed the ideal accessories such as the practical and compact softboxes, which can be quickly assembled and disassembled by opening and folding them up like an umbrella.

This makes them suitable not only for optimal backlighting and evenly soft lighting in the photo studio, but also in nature and other remote locations.

Overview of the softboxes' areas of application:

  • Rectangular Softboxes & Octa softboxes for homogeneous vertical and horizontal lighting.
  • The Octagon Softboxes also create the popular catchlight in the eyes. Square softboxes are particularly suitable for illuminating large areas such as the background of a subject.
  • Round parabolic softboxes also produce round eye reflexes - ideal for portrait photography.
  • Striplight soft boxes generate very targeted and accentuated light for exact light edges and silhouettes in low-key photography e.g. Nude and erotic photography.).
  • Beauty dishes put the model in an advantageous light for beauty and glamor shots, even with noticeable shadows. Like the Octagon Softboxes, they also generate catchlight in the model's eyes.
  • The Bowens S-type bayonet connector ensures cross-manufacturer compatibility with any existing accessories and extremely easy installation of flashes and light shapers.
  • Honeycomb attachments / grids increase the control options via the flash light reflected by the softbox. The grid only allows light to pass through with a small angle of scatter and thus on the one hand retains its soft character, but at the same time can illuminate the motif in a more targeted manner.