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RolleiV7i - Aluminum Video Tripod
price offer299,00 €
Video tripodRollei Stative Videostativ
RolleiVideo tripod
price offer149,00 € Regular price249,99 €
Rollei Stative V6i Monopod Aluminium-EinbeinstativRollei Stative V6i Monopod Aluminium-Einbeinstativ
RolleiV6i Monopod aluminum monopod
price offer68,00 € Regular price109,99 €
RolleiVH-10 Fluid video head
price offer299,00 €
VH-9 fluid video headVH-9 fluid video head
RolleiVH-9 fluid video head
price offer98,00 € Regular price169,00 €
VH-6 fluid video headVH-6 fluid video head
RolleiVH-6 fluid video head
price offer99,00 € Regular price129,00 €
RolleiV7 video head
price offer149,00 €
RolleiV5i video fluid head
price offer29,99 €
RolleiUniversal tripod dolly
price offer79,00 €
Rollei Stative GelenkstativRollei Stative Gelenkstativ
RolleiAdditional arm for tripods - articulated tripod
price offer14,00 € Regular price19,99 €
Quick change systemRollei Stativ Zubehör Schnellwechsel-System
RolleiQuick change system
price offer28,00 € Regular price49,99 €


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Video tripods - for absolute stability on the set

Filming a video is about precision. The focus has to be right and the composition should be consistent. Filmmakers get off to a good start with a good camera, but to achieve truly amazing results you need other essential accessories. In addition to the light and microphones, video tripods are required. With their robust yet lightweight design, these guarantee that the picture lands in the box without blurring and razor sharp.

The video tripod weighing less than 5 kg - ideal for traveling

The idea that video tripods have to be as heavy as possible in order to be able to provide the necessary stability is now out of date. The reason for this are novel constructions and innovative materials. Even video tripods for less than 100 euros now allow the recording of cinematic material that would withstand even the most critical examination.

Stable and mobile - at the right time

In connection with the matching video tripod heads and a practical quick release, with which the camera can be quickly attached to the tripod and removed again, filmmakers can capture a scene exactly as they want. Especially with horizontal and vertical camera pans, video tripods show how high quality and valuable they are for cinematic work. A fluid head, for example, allows numerous pick-up and setting angles from a single point of view.

High payload for cameras of all types

A carbon video tripod is characterized by the fact that it is particularly light and yet has an enormous load capacity. It is up to the filmmakers to decide which cameras they want to work with. Especially when working with rigs, microphones, lights and monitors, the weight can quickly increase significantly. If this is the case, it is all the more important that the video tripods used offer maximum stability.
The torsional rigidity guarantees the greatest stability in the high-quality tripods. This effectively prevents the tripod, including the tripod head and the attached camera, from twisting, even when panning, and from maintaining its pre-determined position at all times.

Tripods for special applications

The angle of view of the camera contributes significantly to the effect of a shot. In order to guarantee even more stability and smooth movements, it can be combined with a floor spider. While the video tripod with fluid head is the classic, it sometimes doesn't hurt to have an option for more mobile recordings at hand. Video monopods are particularly useful for reports or when the available space is limited. These video tripods are particularly popular when the weight of the equipment is to be kept as low as possible.

All video tripods for the camera are delivered with a suitable carrying case and the necessary accessories. When choosing the right tripod head, videographers have a free hand.

- portable and light
- high load capacity
- safe and stable
- low maintenance and safe