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Rollei Filter F:X Pro Magnetische Rundfilter Mark II - Graufilter SetRollei Filter F:X Pro Magnetische Rundfilter Mark II - Graufilter Set
RolleiF:X Pro Magnetic Round Filter Mark II - Neutral Density Filter Set
price offeraway99,00 € Regular price128,00 €
Rollei Filter F:X Pro Rundfilter Graufilter Set (ND8 / ND64 / ND1000)Rollei Filter F:X Pro Rundfilter Graufilter Set (ND8 / ND64 / ND1000)
RolleiF:X Pro round filter - gray filter set
price offer49,00 € Regular price99,99 €
F:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited EditionF:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited Edition
RolleiF:X Pro Round Filter Set + Astroklar - Limited Edition
price offer69,00 € Regular price99,00 €


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Round filter sets - full control over the light
Filters have always been used in photography. Even with digital photography, you cannot do without them in certain areas. Portrait photographers and landscape photographers in particular like to rely on practical filter sets, because with these you always have the right round filter to hand to achieve the desired image effect.

Round filter or rectangular filter?

Before photographers decide on the type of filter, the question must be answered, which type of filter offers the greatest advantages. Round filters are always used where there is a lot of movement or where one or more lenses with the same filter diameter are assigned to exactly one filter or filter set. Wedding photographers and portrait photographers who would like to work outdoors, i.e. on location, with flash light, usually opt for the round filter. This type of filter is also best suited when traveling or for reporting.

Using the round filter usually means that a filter is assigned to exactly one lens due to its diameter. With adapter rings it is possible to attach round filters to lenses with a smaller filter diameter, but if you want to be particularly flexible or have a large number of lenses, you can use rectangular filters. These are attached by means of a filter holder in front of the front element of the lens. Especially in landscape photography, when the composition and exposure have to be perfect, photographers use the versatile rectangular filters.

Robustly built and dirt-repellent

The Gorilla Glass, which is used in the professional F: X Pro series, proves to be a decisive advantage in all possible areas of photography. Dirt can be easily wiped off, leaving no fingerprints or cleaning marks on the glass. In conjunction with the precisely manufactured aluminum filter frame, the round filters can withstand the occasional slight fall and thus also help protect the valuable front element of the lens. The rectangular filter made of Gorilla Glass can be easily transported in the set in the bag supplied and is always ready for use, regardless of the weather or location.

What a round filter or ND round filter is used for

The filter for neutral density or neutral density is always used when the light is too strong to achieve the desired photographic effect. The most vivid example of this is long exposure. If flowing water is to be displayed gently and softly, exposure times of several minutes are sometimes required. Even with the lowest available ISO value, this cannot be achieved during the day. A neutral density filter reduces the light that hits the sensor by several stops, depending on the selected extension factor. A stop or a f-stop less light means that the exposure time doubles.

The extension factor results from the filter permeability. A gentle gray filter with the value 8 means that the incident light only has an eighth of its actual strength. As a result, the exposure time is extended by three stops. With an extension factor of 1000, only 0.1 percent of the light reaches the sensor. This filter is therefore perfect for long-term exposures that last for minutes.

The gray graduated filter and the polarizing filter

The polarizing filter is a real classic in photography. If it is used, water, for example, becomes transparent, as all non-metallic reflections are eliminated. The sky appears more contrasting, the haze is softened and all colors shine more vividly.

The gray graduated filter is a specialty of landscape photographers. High contrasts, such as can occur between the foreground and the sky, are balanced out with it. As a result, parts of the image do not eat away and the exposure becomes more even.

- Robust construction and high quality optical Gorilla Glass
- particularly variable in the set
- durable and scratch-resistant
- easy to attach
- Easier to creative long exposures
- correct exposures in every lighting situation