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Compact Traveler Star S1 incl. Smartphone holder IIRollei Stative Compact Traveler Star S1 inkl. Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiCompact Traveler Star S1 incl. Smartphone holder II
price offer15,00 € Regular price69,97 €
Compact Traveler Star S2 tripod incl. Smartphone holder IIRollei Stative Compact Traveler Star S2 Stativ inkl. Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiCompact Traveler Star S2 tripod incl. Smartphone holder II
price offer29,99 € Regular price89,97 €
Compact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripodCompact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripod
RolleiCompact Traveler No. 1 - aluminum tripod
price offer79,00 € Regular price159,99 €
C5i - aluminum tripodC5i - aluminum tripod
RolleiC5i - aluminum tripod
price offer89,00 € Regular price149,99 €
C5i Pro - Carbon TripodC5i Pro - Carbon Tripod
RolleiC5i Pro - Carbon Tripod
price offer249,00 € Regular price277,00 €
C6i Pro - Carbon TripodC6i Pro - Carbon Tripod
RolleiC6i Pro - Carbon Tripod
price offer299,00 € Regular price327,00 €
Smartphone tripod TravelerRollei Stative Smartphone Stativ Traveler
RolleiSmartphone tripod Traveler
price offer19,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Rollei Stativ Comfort Max 2 - Live-Streaming-StativRollei Stativ Comfort Max 2 - Live-Streaming-Stativ
RolleiComfort Max 2 - Live Streaming Tripod
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Magnetic smartphone table standMagnetic smartphone table stand
RolleiMagnetic smartphone table stand
price offer25,00 € Regular price29,99 €
Compact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod blackCompact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod black
RolleiCompact Traveler Mini M-1 tripod black
price offer59,99 € Regular price79,99 €
Comfort Vlogging KitRollei Equipment Comfort Vlogging Kit
RolleiComfort Vlogging Kit
price offer6,00 € Regular price39,99 €
RolleiComfort Selfie Stick
price offer14,99 €
Creator Grip - Mini TripodCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
RolleiCreator Grip - Mini Tripod
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
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Rollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit KugelkopfRollei Stative Comfort Desktop - Ministativ mit Kugelkopf
RolleiComfort desktop - mini tripod with ball head
price offer9,99 € Regular price24,98 €
Rollei Stativ Comfort Table Stand - Smartphone-MinistativRollei Stativ Comfort Table Stand - Smartphone-Ministativ
RolleiComfort Table Stand - smartphone mini tripod
price offer5,00 € Regular price9,99 €
Flexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3Flexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3
RolleiFlexible Tripod - Monkey Pod 3
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
Flexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2Flexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2
RolleiFlexible tripod - Monkey Pod 2
price offer18,00 € Regular price39,99 €
Rollei Stative Monkey Pod - Flexibles StativRollei Stative Monkey Pod - Flexibles Stativ
RolleiMonkey Pod - Flexible tripod
price offer9,99 € Regular price19,99 €
price offer29,99 € Regular price49,99 €
price offer29,99 €
Rollei Stative Selfie Mini StativRollei Stative Selfie Mini Stativ
RolleiSelfie mini tripod
price offer2,00 € Regular price19,98 €
Rollei Equipment Smartphone Halterung IIRollei Equipment Smartphone Halterung II
RolleiSmartphone holder II
price offer7,99 € Regular price12,99 €
Rollei Stative Smartphone HalterungRollei Stative Smartphone Halterung
RolleiSmartphone holder
price offer2,00 € Regular price7,99 €
Rollei Stative Tablet-HalterungRollei Stative Tablet-Halterung
RolleiTablet holder
price offer6,00 € Regular price14,99 €


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Compact Traveler M-1 und Urban Traveler Mini-Stative im Einsatz

High-quality mini tripods and mobile phone tripods for SLR and system cameras as well as for smartphones

Cell phones have been our daily companions for some time. We read books on it, watch films, play games, and we shoot tooCell phone photos thus, which can now be recorded in SLR quality. How about thatiPhone 12, which can now even save RAW files that photographers can edit later. And we record videos in 4K quality with it.

Requirement for a really good oneSmartphone video However, it is of course always the case that the cell phone is well stabilized when recording. Whether this happens in portrait or landscape format is less important, the main thing is that it is really stabilized. And that's exactly what you can do particularly well with you Smartphone tripod to reach.

Mobile phone tripods are the ideal partner for interview situations and when travelingn

For example with ourMonkey pod. Onesmall tripod with a classicSmartphone holderwhich has a quarter inch thread, to which not only smartphones but also digital compact cameras, for example, can be connected.

So it means that it is the function of oneCell phone tripod and also that of a normal oneTripod united in itself. The bigger differences are in the load capacity and the robustness of theTripod legs to find. So it isHand tripod andMobile phone tripod in one. And because it's so compact, you can do thistripod just put it down where it is supposed to pick up. These tripods are usually so small that they can also be used on onetable Find space and for this reason tooTable tripod to be named. That means that suchTripod For example, it is particularly suitable for interview situations for journalists and editors. But alsoContent creators they can be used particularly well for aroundSelfies or stabilizedSelfie videos record.

Monkey Pod the mini tripod with flexible legsn

Apart from that, there are of course many other situations in which such a handheld tripod for the cell phone will prove to be the ideal partner at your side. Because ourMini tripod Monkey pod is not only particularly handy and light but its flexible legs can easily cling to branches, railings or traffic signs. This doesn't just make you cool Cell phone pictures implement, but above allPerspectives achieve that previously with a normaliPhone tripod would not have been possible.

Every now and then it can also be important to get aRemote control to increase that over aBluetooth function disposes. That way you have oneMobile phone tripod with remote controlwhereby oneVideo recordings can start and also take photos without having to go to the respective location of the smartphone first. Just press the button and you're ready to go.

Blogbeitrag Tipps für Smartphone-Fotografie

Smartphone brackets with quarter inch screw

Of course, they are especially usefulSmartphone holders for mini tripods. It is often the case that you use these types of brackets with the small tripodsQuarter inch screw connect so that theMounts are easily exchangeable. This can also make transport a lot easier, because it also makes the pack size of the already very small mobile phone tripod a little smaller, so that it fits in every pocket. This can be very useful when traveling, for example, when you are aroundCity trips Companies. So you always have stabilizedPhotos and videos virtually in your pocket. Long trips are also possible without any problems, as you are not dealing with onebig tripod and thus have to torment any great weight Additionally there are someSteady lights, such as our ring lights, can also be connected to a cell phone. For that you need oneCell phone holderso that the cell phone can be placed in the middle, as with our ring light. So you can then also operate permanent lights with your smartphone, which is especially true with oursLumen ring and works very well with the associated app.

Compact and light from tripod to monopod in a few secondsn

Smartphone tripods however, they don't always have to stand to serve their purpose. Because you can use it particularly well as a handheld tripod. Some of these tripods don't necessarily just haveflexible legsbut have very solidTripod legs. These can then, so to speak, from the stableTripod to theA leg be folded up. As soon as that is done, you have assembled a handheld tripod, which you will also useFilm videos by hand can. As a result, videos are already stabilized quite well, without you having to put the phone down anywhere. Sometimes the mobile phone still has an active one Image stabilizationso that the video is also electronically stabilized.

 Farbenfrohe Produktfotos mit dem Smartphone

We also have tablet holders on offer for you

But not just that kindSmartphone tripods can be bought from Rollei. Because also oneTablet holder we have on offer for you. The big brother of theSmartphone holder. We have these on offer so that you can use the really extensive camera functions of current tablets such as iPads to their full extent. With it you can also mount your tablet on a small or large tripod and insert it into thePortrait or landscape switch as you like.

This toobracket of course has a quarter inch thread on the back so you can use theTablet holder not just oursSmartphone tripods can attach. Because this thread is a standard thread that also fits many other accessories from the photo and video sector. The clamping jaws are not only particularly stable, but there is also a rubber layer attached to them, so that your device is in the best hands and well protected, so to speak. You can pull it out between 165 and 242 centimeters wide, so that it is also largeTablets fit. The low weight and compact dimensions ensure that you can use yourRollei tablet holderalways with you.


The most important advantages of our mini and table tripods:

  • Practical handbag format
  • Available for smartphones, photo and video cameras DSLR and DSLMar
  • favorable purchase price
  • Perfect as a second and portable tripod
  • small pack size and low transport weight

The most important advantages of our smartphone tripods:

  • Small pack size
  • With the supplied smartphone holder, it can be used for smartphones, photo and video cameras DSLR and DSLMM)
  • Comparatively favorable purchase price
  • Perfect as a second tripod
  • low transport weight