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Rollei Stative Lion Rock 20 Mark II Stativ inkl. StativkopfRollei Stative Lion Rock 20 Mark II Stativ inkl. Stativkopf
RolleiLion Rock 20 Mark II tripod including tripod head
price offer398,00 € Regular price640,00 €
Rollei Stativ Zubehör Lion Rock 25 Mark II - Carbon Stativ inkl. StativkopfRollei Stativ Zubehör Lion Rock 25 Mark II - Carbon Stativ inkl. Stativkopf
RolleiLion Rock 25 Mark II - carbon tripod incl. Tripod head
price offer498,00 € Regular price748,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal M StativRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal M Stativ
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal M tripod
price offer650,00 € Regular price899,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal StativRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbal Stativ
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal L tripod
price offer750,00 € Regular price999,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf MRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf M
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head M
price offer250,00 € Regular price399,00 €
Rollei Stative Lion Rock GimbalkopfRollei Stative Lion Rock Gimbalkopf
RolleiLion Rock Gimbal Head L
price offer350,00 € Regular price499,00 €
RolleiLion Rock tripod head 20
price offer249,00 €
RolleiTripod head Lion Rock 25
price offer299,00 €


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Lion Rock - professional tripods in a class of their own

Along with the camera, the tripod is the photographer's most important utensil. Some would even argue that the tripod plays a more important role than the camera itself, after all, it is an investment for a successful future. A carbon tripod is the ideal companion for all photographic situations. Regardless of the weather, at what time of day or night or in what terrain, you can always rely on a carbon tripod from the Lion Rock series..

Maximum load capacity with low weight

A professional tripod for the camera from the Lion Rock series is built for the highest demands. It is not for nothing that carbon, the light and at the same time extremely resilient material from which tripods are made, is also used in space travel or in racing vehicles. The professional's photo tripod can be set up in a few seconds and adjusted to the correct height and angle. Even on longer hikes, it does not matter because of the innovative and light carbon.

A robust tripod from the Lion Rock series is not only surprisingly light, it is also noticeable due to its small pack size. Thanks to the anti-twist indentations, the tripod can be folded up small and thus easily transported in a travel bag, suitcase or strapped to a backpack.


Firm hold on all surfaces

In landscape photography in particular, photographers go on ice, mud, snow or occasionally in a river bed. In such situations, the photo tripod made of carbon guarantees the best possible hold and therefore maximum protection for the camera. The tripod is stable, as photographers can choose between the non-slip rubber feet or the spikes underneath. These offer the best possible hold even on icy or wet surfaces.

The carbon tripod with an amazing load capacityt

Thanks to the rigidity of the carbon and the anti-twist construction of the tripod body, the lightweight tripods from the Lion Rock series have an amazing load capacity. The professional tripod can be used with cameras or even with different types of professional camcorders. The high maximum load also means that the tripod allows shake-free recordings even when working with long zoom or telephoto lenses.

A photo tripod made of carbon or aluminum?

If photographers are looking for a larger, lighter or more resilient professional tripod, they often ask themselves what material the new acquisition should be made of. Tripods made of aluminum are usually cheaper because they require fewer production steps and the raw materials are cheaper to procure. The disadvantage of aluminum tripods is their higher weight and lower load capacity. The advantages of the carbon tripod are particularly evident on location or when traveling.

The professional camera tripod is astonishingly versatile, especially because of the countless combination options with matching tripod heads. Ball heads are ideal for photographic work with a digital reflex camera. Those who want to work particularly precisely or are on the move with a medium or large format camera opt for a geared head that allows individual fine adjustments in all directions. For film work, gimbal heads or video pan heads are recommended, all of which allow creative and unhindered work with the professional's camera tripod, the models from the Lion Rock series.

- high maximum load
- small pack size and low weight
- ideal for travel and photo shoots on location
- Can be combined with numerous tripod heads
- suitable for use in photography and videography
- twist-proof, stable and robust