The process starts with the Collection of plastic bottles . After the bottles have been thoroughly washed, the labels are removed and the cap removed. Bottles and caps are now together after color assorted and discolored.

The plastic will then crushed and to small, uniform „pellets“ melted down. These pellets are now closed PET fibers drawn. Those PET fibers we use for our products. They have useful properties such as B. theirs durability. Besides, they are  abrasion resistant and fast drying .

The use of plastic bottles as a raw material for PET fibers is therefore a great alternative for us.

Collected for new

Some of our new photo liners are made ofs old 0.5 liter plastic bottles who im Recycling process to granulate will. Then this recycled plastic granulate becomes fabric for our backpacks processed. With every single one camera backpack we know exactly how many plastic bottle have been processed into this backpack.

Our backpacks are of course not packed in plastic, but they come in our so-called Nonwaver. A high-quality fabric bag that also looks really good.t.

The plastic

for our backpacks goes through just a few steps from plastic bottle to backpack. [1] In the first step, it is collected from the environment in China. [2] So that it does not have to be transported to other places, it is processed into plastic granules directly on site in fairly paid factories. [3] This plastic granulate then attains its next level of existence, namely that of backpacks. [4] And when our new pieces of jewelery are ready, they make their way to our warehouse in Europe.r.