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Traffic cleaning: This is how it works step-by-step with your Lion rock-pro-tripod!

Stativ-Reinigung: So geht’s Schritt-für-Schritt mit Ihrem Lion-Rock-Pro-Stativ!

A tripod is an indispensable tool for photo and video. It offers stability and enables sharp recordings, especially with longer exposure times or under difficult lighting conditions. However, regular use outdoors is exposed to the tripod different environmental influences, such as dust, sand, water and dirt. These elements can affect the functionality and durability of the tripod. 

1. Why should you clean your tripod?  
2. Cleaning your tripod  
3rd step by step instructions Lion Rock Pro 
4th step-by-step instructions Lion Rock Traveler Pro 


    Traffic cleaning Lion Rock

     A dirty tripod can lead to several problems: 

    1. Wear and damage: dirt particles can penetrate the joints and locks and cause friction there, which can lead to premature wear or even damage.
    2. Restricted mobility: Sand or mud in the leg segments can restrict the mobility, which makes it difficult to set up and set up the tripod.
    3. Corrosion: Especially with metal tripods, moisture can lead to rust formation, which weakens the structure of the tripod.

    It is therefore important to clean and wait for your tripod regularly to extend its lifespan and always ensure optimal performance. 

     Cleaning the Lion Rock Pro tripod 

    Although your Lion Rock Pro or Traveler Pro Free cleaning per year by our professionals we recommend that we also regularly clean the tripod yourself. Regular care ensures that the tripod always stays in perfect condition, especially between professional cleaning. 

    In order to make cleaning as easy as possible, we have created a video that shows the entire cleaning process step by step.  In our video we show you how you can clean your Lion Rock Pro or Lion Rock Traveler Pro. The steps include: 

    1. Disassembly: We explain how you safely disassemble your tripod into its individual parts.
    2. Cleaning: You will learn which tools and cleaning agents are best suited and how to use them.
    3. Drying and lubrication: We show how they dry the parts properly and which lubricants should be used to ensure the mobility of the joints.
    4. Confection: Finally, we demonstrate the safe and correct assembly of the tripod.

    With this guide, cleaning your tripod becomes child's play and ensures that it remains in top condition until the next professional cleaning. 

    Tripod cleaning wheelchair

    A well-kept tripod is the basis for successful photo and video recordings! If you have any questions, our colleagues from the professional service are at any time via Chat, email or phone available.  

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