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50mm full frame lens for Nikon Z from Viltrox

50-mm-Vollformat-Objektiv für Nikon Z von Viltrox

Standard focal length for Nikon Z-mount cameras

The mirrorless Nikon Z system has been one of the most popular camera systems since its introduction. Together with Viltrox, Rollei is now presenting a new lens with a Nikon Z-mount with a focal length of 50 millimeters. The standard focal length is characterized by its natural perspective and its fast autofocus.

Norderstedt, 03.03.2022. With the Viltrox AF 50mm F/1.8 Z Nikon Photo accessories manufacturer Rollei is presenting a new one full frame lens for the popular Nikon Z series. With a close-up limit of just 55 centimeters and a low Weight of 390 grams is this Viltrox lens with Nikon Z mount suitable for almost all photographic challenges. Compatibility with Nikon's fast eye autofocus and the option to focus manually guarantee razor-sharp and quickly focused images in any lighting situation.

The versatility of the standard focal length results from the fact that the image detail of a lens with a focal length of 50 millimeters closest to human vision. This allows the composition of an image to be put together intuitively and quickly for reports, when traveling or in portrait photography. Also interesting: the noiseless STM focus motor. Videographers primarily benefit from this, as it avoids annoying noises.

The new lens is equipped with a high light intensity of f/1.8. owner more compatible Nikon full frame cameras thus benefit from a simple release of the subject and it allows you a particularly beautiful bokeh, which is very popular in portraits.

At the request of many photographers, Viltrox has this new lens Equipped with an aperture ring that allows easy and intuitive access to adjust the aperture when taking photos and filming. The new camera lens with Nikon Z-Mount is thus a versatile companion that gives creative people plenty of scope in many areas.

Thanks to its own USB interface, users can improve the lens with new firmware updates and thus be sure in the future that the fixed focal length always delivers the desired performance. As with other lenses from the established manufacturer viltrox known, the Viltrox AF 50 mm F/1.8 Z Nikon also relies on optical elements with the most modern coating, which prevents reflections, flares or ghosting.


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Produktfoto 50 mm Vollformat Objektiv für Nikon ZProduktfoto 50 mm Vollformat Objektiv für Nikon ZProduktfoto 50 mm Vollformat Objektiv für Nikon Z