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Tube-éclair de remplacement pour HS Freeze 6 de Rollei

  • Ampoule lumineuse
  • Remplacement simple et rapide
  • Convient uniquement au flash de studio HS Freeze 6 de
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The modular and particularly low-maintenance structure of the new Rollei HS Freeze 6 Studio Flash facilitates the fast exchange of components outside of protected studio settings as well. Independence from stationary power sources and the high performance rechargeable battery, which can be changed with a few simple steps, ensure that professional photographers can select their locations now much more flexibly in accordance with their personal ideas. However, the appropriate basic conditions on an outdoor set also present themselves in a correspondingly challenging manner. Of course, important parts such as the 600 W flash tube are available for sale separately as a reserve or a spare part In order to be able to continue your photography project even if individual components have been damaged. The high performance flash tube was developed particularly for the HS Freeze 6 and is also only compatible with this innovative flash device. Our suggestion: Acquire several spare flash tubes to be prepared for all eventualities at the next shoot outdoors or in the studio.

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