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Video equipment by iFootage

The video boom remains unbroken. millions videos are produced, uploaded and viewed daily. This is due, among other things, to the fact that the video technology getting better and easier. Demand professional equipment therefore increases steadily. For this reason, Rollei is constantly expanding its range of products for videographers. With the iFootage products we provide Rollei a versatile range that is particularly in demand among professionals and semi-professionals. Because the products for that Filming with DSLM and DSLR cameras as well as professional video cameras provide fantastic results.


The iFootage Slider - more precise recordings than ever

Filming a B-roll or cinematic description of a property is all about precision and consistency. Although many modern digital cameras are now equipped with optical stabilizers in the camera body or in the lens, this is by far not enough to be able to film professional scenes by hand. A slider for DSLR + DSLM + smartphones is one of the most versatile means of using the to reach the next level of your own cinematic work. In connection with different focal lengths, groundbreaking setting angles can be achieved with almost any camera, regardless of whether it is a classic digital single-lens reflex camera, a system camera or even a smartphone.

For incomparably smooth tracking shots
Motion control, i.e. the precise control of the camera in dynamic recordings, has always played a major role for filmmakers. A camera slider is professionally the first choice when it comes to achieving the best possible result when creating the video material. The advantage of the slider is that the acceleration of the moving camera and the speed of the camera movement are constant. This makes it easier for the viewer to follow the image than, for example, when panning the camera. In addition, it is easier for filmmakers to integrate movement into the image structure and to coordinate the process within a scene.

The camera slider with motor
If the camera slider is electric, this means a number of great advantages for the user. The slider can be controlled remotely or precisely programmed before filming a scene. The slider with built-in motor is particularly practical if the operator would disturb the image structure or if the space in cramped rooms is to be fully utilised. Even if the camera slider is cheap in the Rollei shop, it offers maximum robustness. It is easy to use and convinces with a modular structure. This means that integration into existing equipment is possible without any problems. The well thought-out design is also so innovative that it is portable and light despite its wide range of functions. Filmmakers particularly benefit from this when recordings are planned at the customer or on-location.

The modern camera slide, smooth-running and low-maintenancem
In addition to wireless control, the camera sliders offer a variety of other practical features. For example, a particularly low weight is achieved through the use of carbon. By using the innovative and light material, which is also known from racing and even from space travel, the greatest possible robustness and stability can be achieved. Even with fast tracking shots, the modular structure and the use of heavy-duty straps ensure that every scene ends up perfectly in the can.

Can be used in any weather and can be seamlessly expanded
All parts of the camera slide are designed in such a way that they can also be used in cold or rainy conditions. This is particularly useful in connection with the increasingly popular weatherproof cameras, which also allow amateurs and hobby filmmakers to capture spectacular things outdoors or in the wilderness. Should the length of the sledge not be sufficient, it can be seamlessly extended. The conversion, including flywheel and belt, is done in a short time and with just a few simple steps.

The versatility of the camera sliders summarized:
- professional and even shots - creative tracking shots indoors and outdoors
- Resilient, stable and modular - easily and seamlessly expandable
- small pack size and low weight
- Low-wear and low-maintenance parts


The camera crane - a must for more range

If filmmakers want to aim high when shooting, they need a camera crane. With the IFOOTAGE MINI CRANE M1 III it is possible to shoot creative and professional scenes on a small budget. When filming, camera work is one of the main elements. A cheap mini crane significantly expands your own repertoire and not only gives exciting scenes from the script more panache through new setting angles, but also provides the final touches to the cinematic material in reports, documentaries or interviews.

Robust and resilient, can be used in the studio or outdoorsr
Filmmakers’ equipment must be robust and easy to transport at the same time. Thanks to its innovative design, the mini crane weighs just 3.8 kilograms and allows all camera settings and tracking shots that are otherwise only possible with much heavier equipment. The low weight of the camera crane does not detract from the resilience and the possible uses with a wide variety of cameras. With a maximum load of 15 kilograms, filmmakers can use professional cine cameras or structures with rigs without hesitation.

Protection for expensive equipment and uniquely smooth tracking shots
Professional equipment results in high-quality and consistent recordings. Especially when high camera shots are to be used in a film, there is hardly a way around the mini crane. Even at lofty heights, from a bird's eye view, the small camera crane allows full control over the scene. Even when used in the fully extended state, the camera crane guarantees safe and even work. The well thought-out construction made of aluminum and carbon and the damping function for controlled inclination movements are responsible for this. This guarantees that movement can be maintained at the same time and thus ensures a calmer image, which also means less time spent in digital post-processing.

Variable and combinable
With its load capacity of 15 kg, filmmakers use the camera crane for all kinds of productions. An additional advantage of the mini crane is that it can be combined with a large number of tripods. This is made possible by the included 1/4" to 3/8" adapter. Thus, the user is free to choose which type of tripod to work with. Light stands are conceivable, and mobile variants are also no problem.